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Baby Wearing Makes Summer Fun Possible!

Feb 20, 2017 08:30AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Shelly Gaddis, Elegant Mommy

Most families plan activities through the summer months. Whether those activities take your family far away or keep you close to home, here are just a few reasons why wearing a child will make your activities more enjoyable for the entire family!

  • Keep those hands handy! We all know crowds will gather at many places your family travels to this summer. Having an extra set of hands to hold on to your toddler, carry a diaper bag or push a child on a swing can mean extra happiness for all family members! 
  • Take a walk through nature! Having young children doesn’t have to mean you’re homebound for the next five years. Baby carriers are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Make sure you get a comfortable fit for all of the fun this summer will hold!
  • Traveling made easy! Whether traveling by plane, train or bus, using a baby carrier will get you through the crowded spaces of public transportation. Public transportation can be stressful for families traveling with young children. Keeping your little ones close to their caregivers will put both of you at ease!
  • Provide the nourishment they need, when they need it! Baby carriers will allow you to feed your child, whether by breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, in whatever fun situation you find your family in this summer.
  • Keep everyone happy! Research has proven babies who are in a carrier cry less and are more content. Summer memories will be much more enjoyable when the young children in your family are happy.
  • Make naptime easier! When babies are worn they are more in tune with their caregiver’s rhythms and movements. Nap times are a breeze when babies are able to feel close to those they love and trust.

Don’t get too over stimulated! Worn babies will quickly realize they are safe in the comforts of their caregiver’s baby carrier. Toddlers can quickly become over stimulated and a ride in a baby carrier can help to calm everyone’s nerves after a melt down.