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Jan 30, 2017 07:00AM ● By Hood Magazine
2017 Teacher of the Year - 01312017 1015AM

2017 Teacher of the Year

Ms. Gottsleben is our 2017 Teacher of the year. She’s in her fourth year as a second grade teacher at Freedom Elementary School. Read More » 




Classical Conversations A Classical Christian Homeschool Community - 01252017 1000AM

Classical Conversations: A Classical, Christian, Homeschool Community

Classical Conversations (CC) is a nationwide program designed to come alongside parents and students on their home education journey. Read More » 


Seasonal Comforts During Pregnancy - 01252017 1230PM

Seasonal Comforts During Pregnancy

What to wear, what to eat and how to stay healthy during pregnancy. Nourish Birth Collective breaks it down by season to keep you feeling your best! Read More » 


Decorating with Canvas Prints - 01252017 0900AM

Decorating with Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are all the craze, but what happens when your family grows, the kids get older and the canvas prints are out of date? Read More » 


Bacon and Peanut Butter Cookies - 01252017 1145AM

Bacon and Peanut Butter Cookies

Recipe courtesy of South Dakota Pork


Finding Time to Reconnect when Life Gets Busy - 01252017 0930AM

Finding Time to Reconnect when Life Gets Busy

The house is a mess, kids are running around, the dog is barking and someone just spilled juice on the carpet. Sound familiar? It’s no wonder parenthood can be exhausting. Read More » 


Finances and Family Who Is Teaching Your Children About Money - 01252017 1215PM

Finances and Family, Who Is Teaching Your Children About Money?

One cent, two cents, three cents, four…from counting change to understanding spending principles, our children will learn about money from someone, the question is…will it be from you? In... Read More » 


February 2017