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Kids and Television Safety

01/25/2017 09:15AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Joe Juhl, Karl’s TV Audio & Appliance

Unsecured, falling televisions. According to a study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics, nearly 200,000 children were admitted to an emergency facility due to falling TVs between 1995-2011. Six children from that time period are known to have died from TV related injuries.

What’s happening? How are falling TVs injuring children? According to the study, more and more televisions are being put onto dressers, armoires and nightstands. TVs are also becoming larger and more affordable, and more families have multiple sets and TVs are no longer just for the living room. So if you are replacing your main TV and retiring the old one to your bedroom, how can you protect little ones in your house? The answer is secured, safe televisions.

There are two main options for people looking to make sure their children and grandchildren are safe from falling and tipping TVs. First would be a properly installed mount on the wall. When installed correctly, mounted TVs are one of the best options for protecting your television and, more importantly, your children. The downsides of mounting your television are holes in your walls, they can be expensive to buy and professional installation is recommended.

The second, easiest and most affordable option for securing your television is a TV safety strap. TV safety straps simply connect your TV’s mounting points to the back of whatever it is sitting on (dresser, armoire, etc). They can also be attached to the wall behind whatever your television is sitting on if it is not very secure or if it's a piece of furniture that could be easily climbed on. With simple installation and options available for less than $20, there are plenty of reasons to pick up some TV safety straps and very few reasons not to. Follow up today and get the necessary protection for your kids and grandkids.