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Choosing a Better Mattress with your Better Half

Jan 25, 2017 08:30AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Justin Waggoner, Juna Sleep Systems

The scout shopper will do the legwork, and the pillow work, going store to store, and researching online. But the scout’s significant other won’t come along until the top three stores have been identified. The passive shopper may not like shopping because of high-pressure sales people or how long finding a mattress takes. So the scout, who has the most interest in getting the mattress, does the majority of the work.

It sounds simple, but if two of you are enjoying the mattress then both of you need to be present. There’s a lot of perks to gain from shopping together.

  • You’re not going to have to listen to the same spiel twice. 

  • You’re not going to have to try the same mattresses several times.
  • You both have unique perspectives and will have separate questions and needs to share with your mattress expert.

Hearing several spiels over and over is going to give you, what I call, “mattress brain.” By the end of the day you will have heard more information than you can retain sandwiched by marketing terms like “Super-Flo Foam.”

After trying more than 5-6 mattresses your mind and body will become muddled. This will make it very difficult for you find a favorite. You may need a firmer mattress, but by the end of the day you will begin favoring softer ones even though that’s not what you really need.

On your next shopping excursion, choose three very different stores to shop from. If you have been to one furniture store you’ve been to them all. Find a furniture store, a factory direct, and a big brand store. Comparing one similar store against another will make your decision process even more difficult as products will stay the same but the names to describe them will differ.

Then, do your scout day together. Do some research, visit your three stores, and don’t buy anything. When you come back another day you’ll know if your favorite mattress is still the right choice.

Before you sign on the dotted line, ask about the company’s guarantees. Look for a good in-home trial program, return policy that doesn’t charge you a hefty restocking fee, a long-term warranty, and a comfort commitment that protects your investment.