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Adding a Pet to your Family: Things to Consider

Nov 28, 2016 11:30AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Ryan Oaks, mini-critters

These days we are busier than ever with soccer practice for Billy, a piano recital for Suzy and school homework that apparently doesn’t end until after your favorite late night host signs off for the night. Who has time for a pet? What may seem like a chore, or more items on your plate, caring for a pet can not only be a rewarding family experience, it can also be very doable even for the busiest of families.

Deciding as a family which pet best suits your family's lifestyle needs to be first. If we were to poll any number of kids, puppies arguably would be first in line. Having a crate or a kennel for your puppy when your family is not home will help with potty training and create a safe place for them to be when you are away. Who doesn’t love puppy kisses when they come home? Puppies can be a great way to get the family out for a walk together as well, letting the puppy get some exercise with parents and kids too!

Kittens, though lovingly aloof, can be a great pet for the busy family. Don’t be fooled by the old tales that kittens don’t require a lot of time or family involvement. Those cats want to have your interaction and affection too - just ask your curtains or the back of your couch.

Perhaps your family needs a smaller pet for apartment living such as a hamster, guinea pig, or rabbit. These smaller pets can be wonderful additions to your family. Enjoying the cuddling of a rabbit or the purring and pop-corning of a guinea pig can be a family's delight.

Regardless of your family's dynamics and extracurricular activities, a family pet can provide years of love, enjoyment, exercise and just plain fun!