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Home Décor Tips

11/28/2016 11:00AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Harold's Photo Experts

Wondering about the best place to hang your wall décor? Think outside the box! If there’s wall space, utilize it. Entryways are great, so visitors can see your family and artwork the minute they walk into your house. Staircase walls are especially fun to decorate.

If you are displaying one piece of wall art, or a small grouping, hang them at eye level. Try not to hang them more than six inches away from the top of your couch if hanging in your living room. It’s best to use wall anchors if you’re not able to nail into studs for hanging heavier photos.

Be unique! Try hanging several smaller photos arranged in a grid. Lay them out on the floor first to help you find the perfect arrangement. You can also try cutting out sizes of frames from newspaper or craft paper.

Instead of hanging photos, try propping photos up against the wall, on shelves or rest them on easels displayed on end tables. Rather than using framed prints, you could use wire and clips to display photos, allowing you to switch them out frequently. This works great for displaying kids’ artwork.

Get creative! If you’re going for a whole wall display, mix it up with different sizes and color frames or add modern initials or mirrors.

Do you like a more eclectic or formal style? Mixing things up to make a statement piece may be more your style. Or if you prefer a more formal, uniform style, you can keep all the frames the same thickness, color and style.


Whatever your style, displaying your art and portraits in your home can say a lot about you!