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Holiday Pregnancy Announcements

10/25/2016 01:08PM ● By Hood Magazine

By Jessica Brovold, 'Hood Editor

If you recently found out you’re expecting and haven’t announced the big news to your family, the holidays might just be the perfect time for a big surprise. We caught up with local moms from the Nourish Village to find out how they announced their news to family and friends. Enjoy!


Marilyn Whitney: 


We had two announcements last year. One for our kids and one for everyone else. Our kids got to open up a present that was for all of us and it was the ‘Thing 5’ onesie. Then we took this picture to share with everyone else that said ‘Thing 5: coming summer 2016.”


Kelsey Parmley:

 We announced to family on Christmas. We made everyone ‘Team Parmley’ shirts and then our parents opened the onesie. It was great!

Bethany Handsaker: 


We prefer to share our pregnancy news with our immediate family in person first. Then we let friends know whenever it comes up in conversation. Eventually around 16-20 weeks we shared something on Facebook for our friends and extended family. We posted this photo as a cute and easy way to share with our Facebook community.


Jessica Totton:

 We told my 5 year old to listen and see what he hears in my tummy, his face of shock and excitement was pure genuine when we told him there was a baby growing in there. We shared this photo with all of our friends and family for a very excited brother announcement! 


Jessica Schneider: 


We let our family know over Thanksgiving. I had on a sweater and when the house warmed up (due to all the cooking going on) I took off my top layer to reveal this t-shirt. It was pretty funny watching everyone start to catch on after someone finally read it out loud!


 Stacy Gustaf:

My husband and I spend our summers at racetracks all over the Midwest. My husband works for a sprint car team and I race pavement karts on road courses. We thought it would be fitting to incorporate our passion for racing in our announcement. We sent out a press release to make the announcement.