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Child Safety in the Laundry Room

Sep 26, 2016 10:55AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Danny Vanden Berg, Karl’s TV & Appliance

There are more than 2,000 injuries each year of children, including some deaths, from laundry appliances. It’s shocking, and very concerning, that these seamlessly harmless, every day appliances could have this effect. Most of these injuries are accidental and happen among children under 5-years-old who are playing hide and seek.  


Industry statistics show these injuries and deaths have decreased over the past six years with the advancement of technology, education and training. Today’s technology has helped dramatically in lowering those incidents with both the washer and dryers. They have locks on the control panels to prevent the machine from accidentally turning on when the door is shut or from bumping the buttons.


How to keep your kids safe:

1. Start by making it a habit to use the safety features, like the lock mode. It is the first line of defense in the laundry room and the most effective. As consumers, we need to know and ensure the proper use of our appliances, especially when it comes to the safety of our children.


2. Buy your machines from a well-known dealer with trained sales teams. Ask questions and expect answers. Anyone can tell you it’s a great product because they want you to buy it. A sales associate who has been trained and knows the machine will educate you about the safety features.

3. Reading the owner’s manual is also very important, to educate yourself with the product, including the safety features and how they operate. Once you know about the safety features, it’s important to turn those features into everyday habits.

4. Educating your kids about the dangers of   appliances around the house and reminding them that they are not “toys” or good hiding places is also a VERY important step to practice.

Kids are curious and are known to do the unexpected. Making sure you take precautions and talking to your kids about potentials dangers will keep them safe and put your mind at ease.



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