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Homemade Halloween Spider Webs

Sep 26, 2016 10:25AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Anna Hudelson, Museum of Visual Materials

If you want to spook up your house without purchasing Halloween decorations, create your own spider webs with trash bags. They are fun to make and a great craft to do with the whole family! This would also work with different color plastic table cloths, if you wanted to have colorful webs.

Before you pin the spider web up too high, use this as a game of “pin the spider on the web” game. A craft, decoration and game all in one!


1.     Cut your trash bag open, so you have a flat piece of plastic.

2.     Cut the plastic to a square.

3.     Fold square into a triangle.

4.     Fold once more into another triangle.

5.     One last time, fold into a triangle.

6.     With a marker make a pattern like shown.

7.     Cut out where I have painted white.

8.     Unfold and hang!

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