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Getting Your Nervous System in Shape

Sep 26, 2016 08:45AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Highest Health Chiropractic 


When the bones of the spine move out of place they can put unwanted pressure on nerves and the spinal cord. This pressure can cause numerous problems throughout the entire body. Since the nervous system plays such a huge role in how our body functions, it is vital to keep it healthy.

What problems can occur from poor spinal health?

Since the nervous system is connected to every part of the body, unwanted pressure on different nerves can cause problems all over. Some issues, especially in children, that can be addressed through neurologically-based chiropractic care include:

·        Acid Reflux
·        Constipation
·        Immune system problems
·        Problems eating
·        Trouble sleeping
·        Allergies
·        Asthma
·        ADHD & ADD
·        Bed wetting

When should we get checked?

It’s never too early to go get checked. Since only ten percent of our nerves are pain sensitive, we do not see symptoms until they’ve grown into a problem. Through a chiropractic assessment, you’ll be able to spot an issue before it starts causing you harm. According to Dr. Nate DeJong, “Just because you’re feeling fine doesn’t mean you’re functioning fine.”

It’s never too soon to get your infant checked out either. The birthing process is very traumatic on a child’s body, especially on the brain stem that starts in the neck. By correcting vertebral misalignments, the immune system will begin working at its fullest potential, head movement will become easier and it can even help with behavioral problems. It’s also suggested that you take your child in through each transitional phase to ensure that his or her nervous system health is in top condition.

What’s my next step when a problem is found?

An assessment of the central nervous system can show where bones have shifted and what nerves have unwanted pressure on them. Once the problem has been identified, a trained Chiropractor can gently adjust bones back into place to relieve this pressure. Once pressure has been taken off the nerve, the body can begin to heal and symptoms will resolve.

Don’t wait until you and your family are in pain to get checked out. Find out if your body is functioning properly and get adjusted. By fixing internal problems now you will save yourself from the pain and hassle of dealing with it later.
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