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Allergies and Bakeries: Finding the Right Bakery for your Needs

09/26/2016 08:20AM ● By Hood Magazine
By The Cookie Jar Eatery 


Here are some things you should look for in bakeries if you have a need for a specialty item.

Gluten intolerant: Find a bakery that does a wet clean on their facility and allows gluten to settle at least 12 hours before preparing any gluten free items. These baked goods should be prepared before any other items and packaged separately in clearly marked containers.  There are also test kits bakeries can use to ensure that the items are in fact gluten free.

Peanut/tree nut: Find a bakery that is willing to thoroughly clean their equipment before starting your cake or cookies. Other precautions that a bakery can take include; keeping your order separate from all others and making sure to always change their gloves after handling peanuts, peanut butter, or tree nuts to avoid cross contamination.

Dairy free/egg free: Just because a bakery’s daily menu does not feature dairy free/egg free does not mean that they cannot accommodate your special request. Call the bakery and talk directly to the baker. Most will have plenty of experience making these specialty items and will be happy to fill your request.

Other allergies: Our local bakeries have some of the best bakers around and if you have a special recipe that you struggle with, let them have a look at it. They have a lot of kitchen experience and would love to turn those recipes into a sweet memory for your special occasions.

When placing a specialty order, allow the bakery one to two weeks notice as these orders need to be carefully prepared and take special scheduling and cleaning on the part of the bakery to complete the orders.

Remember, knowing the severity of your child’s allergy is most important. For severe allergies, bakeries may not be the way to go. Even with special precautions there is always a chance of cross contamination when allergens are on premises. The best thing you can do is talk directly to the baker and understand your particular risks.