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10 Affordable Family Fitness Ideas

Aug 25, 2016 10:00AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Shaina Herrmann

This year, I have created a short list of 10 fitness-related activities that our family can do together. One of my favorite childhood memories is riding my bike alongside my dad while he jogged. Getting exercise can be as simple as that. The more you incorporate exercise into your everyday life, the easier it will be to create fitness routines that will benefit your whole family for years to come.

1.  Go hiking together! Yes, hiking opportunities on this side of South Dakota are pretty scarce, but they do exist!

2.  Dedicate a few evenings per week to go on bike rides together.

3.  Go for daily walks or jogs together in the evenings.

4.  Backyard contests will get everyone outside and moving for little to no cost. Have a hula hoop contest, relay races, cartwheel races or play a game of tug of war - just be sure to wear gloves for that one.

5.  Have you tried kayaking? It requires quite a bit of upper body strength! Canoeing is another fun option in this area.

6.  Go outside and toss a football, kick a soccer ball, or throw a Frisbee around together.

7.  Head to a new city or neighborhood and explore on foot. Exercise and an adventure all in one.

8.  Invite a few families over for a game of capture the flag or head to one of our many local parks.

9.  Family dance parties! Crank up some music and have fun choreographing your own dances or just have fun making up new dance moves!

10.  In the wintertime, you can make snow angels, race in the deep snow, make a large snowman and of course, snowball fights! 
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