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Protecting Your Children From TV and Furniture Accidents

Aug 25, 2016 09:00AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Sanford Health

You don’t have to become a TV-free house to protect your family. By taking these simple precautions you can help protect your child.


#1 Secure

Flat screen TVs produce a great picture, but the design also creates a tipping hazard when placed on a stand. Mounting these TVs to the wall puts them out of a child’s curious reach. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions accurately when installing a wall mount. Also, select one that has a safety certification by an independent laboratory, such as UL, CSA or ETL.


If your TV is larger and heavier, make sure it is placed on a low, stable piece of furniture designed to hold a TV.


#2 Anchor

TVs are not the only items that can cause problems. Shelves and other furniture pieces can easily be pulled down or tipped over by children. Be sure to secure these items to the wall using brackets, braces or wall straps. These devices are usually fairly inexpensive and easy to install.


You can also install stops on dresser drawers to prevent them from being pulled all the way out. Having multiple drawers open can upset the balance of the dresser, causing it to tip easily without much force.


#3 Rearrange

Take a look at the furniture in your home. Is it placed and secured to reduce the risk of injury? Keep heavier things on lower shelves or drawers. Also avoid putting items that kids have a tendency to reach for, like toys, phones and remotes, on things that they would be tempted to try and climb. Be sure to make their items easily accessible. 


By making these simple adjustments, you can help ensure your little one can play safe in your home. 

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