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Losing the Baby Weight: Tips to Get in Shape

Aug 25, 2016 08:50AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Hannah Parker, Nourish Birth Collective

You are not alone. Your body may not be the way it was nine months ago, but YOU aren’t the same either, are you? You grew an entire human. You selflessly gave this little creature room to grow and become what he or she is now. You are amazing and perfect just the way you are. Yes, really.

Feel all that self-love and acceptance? Okay! Let’s talk about feeling better about you and practical things you can do to shed some weight and feel healthy and strong. Eating whole, healthy foods is one of the best things you can do for yourself. When you’re at the grocery store, try to stick near the edges, rather than middle aisles. Vegetables, fruit, whole grains, dairy, meat and healthy fats are where you want to spend the majority of your hunger on. Eat when you feel hungry, and eat until you feel full. Good, whole foods like these will give you energy to care for your family and won’t cause you to crash like sugar or caffeine.

 When you are ready to get back to working out, consider trying an exercise class with baby, like mommy and me yoga. There are always other moms who would like to start working out post-pregnancy, so it might be a good idea to organize a stroll and walk day with a friend who can help keep you accountable.  

Take it easy at first; give yourself time to get back to where you were before your pregnancy. If you are breastfeeding, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your supply and if it starts to dip, nurse the baby more, up your calorie intake and if that doesn’t work, try working out less vigorously. As far as what you do to get back into shape, lots of mothers lift, run, swim, do yoga, walk, jog, take group classes and even partake in aerial silks. Do what you love and what makes you feel alive!