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Why Music Education Really Matters for your Child

Jun 27, 2016 09:20AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Deb Rohrer, Brennan Rock & Roll Academy 


Numerous studies have shown the various benefits of studying music range from increased creativity and problem solving to developing brain areas involved in language and reasoning. Here are four main reasons that music education, in any form, really matters for your child.

Academic Improvement- Many recent studies have shown that students who study the arts, specifically music, achieve higher grades and are more successful on standardized tests. Music study is also linked to developing the left side of the brain involved with language processing; including reading fluency.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving- Music is an art that continually requires solving problems on the spot and coming up with creative solutions. When students make a mistake in music, they have the chance to instantly develop a solution for that problem. For example, when they play or sing a note out of tune, students must develop a solution for how to fix that without stopping the entire performance.

Creativity- Students who study the arts are often asked to learn by imagining variations on what is presented to them by their instructors or creating something entirely their own. It also allows them an outlet to express themselves in a safe and secure environment, and produces higher self-esteem as an added bonus.

Collaboration- Being a part of a musical group requires students to learn how to operate with great teamwork and discipline. In order for a musical group to sound good, all members must work together toward a single goal, their performance, and they must commit to learning their music, attending rehearsals, and practicing their craft.

While the list of benefits resulting from the study of music could go on and on, the above mentioned benefits blend together to provide your child a well-rounded education that will allow them to perform well anywhere in life. So, even if your child is not looking to become the next Mozart or Louis Armstrong, ensuring they are exposed to music education will serve them well in life and help them achieve their own dreams.