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What I Want to be When I Grow Up

Jun 27, 2016 09:30AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Jessica Brovold

From the time we are young, people start asking what we want to be when we grow up. It’s important for kids to have dreams and aspirations. Whether it’s being a mom, or dad, to caring for animals, kids of all ages have ideas of what their dream job will be one day. Watching them grow into young adults and figure out their future is one of the greatest joys of parenthood. A big thanks to Youth Enrichment Services for letting us stop by one of their classrooms to talk with kids and hear all those big dreams of what they’d like to be when they grow up!


We also reached out to the community to find kids willing to share their stories, and we even helped them take on their dream job for a day. From the zoo, to the fire hall and even a design studio, these kids now have a pretty good idea of what their dream job might be like one day.


Nolan, Age 3 (Zoo Keeper) 


Nolan is three years old and has always loved animals. He dreams of one day being an ‘animal doctor.’


“I want to be an animal doctor for cheetahs, jaguars, lions, kangaroos, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, monkeys and cows,” said Nolan. “I want to help them. Check their owies on their trunks and use tissues and ice on them.”


Nolan’s mom, Amber, says she’s not surprised he wants to take care of animals.


“Nolan loves the zoo and has loved visiting the vet’s office with our dog, Hank,” said Amber. “We have talked about how animal doctors get to help animals at the vet’s office and the zoo and he’s just grasped onto the concept ever since.”


We recently spent some time with Nolan in the Kids Clinic at the Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History in Sioux Falls. Nolan dressed up in full veterinary gear and was able to get some hands on experience when it comes to caring for animals. He spent time checking heartbeats, examining the animals’ ears and taking temperatures.


While caring for the animals would be Nolan’s main goal, he also has some other things he knows would be top priority.


“I look forward to feeding the animals,” said Nolan. “I like when they roar and go ‘ooo ooo aah ahh.’”


As for his parents, they say they love watching him dream and encourage him along the way.


“I could only dream to see Nolan do something he truly loves,” said Amber. “My wish for him would be to find a passion and go for it. I believe when people can do the things they love every day, they find that it brings happiness and success to them every day.”


Mason, Age 5 (Firefighter) 


Mason wants to be a firefighter one day. During our stop at Sioux Falls Fire Rescue, the crew was called out twice, so you can imagine the excitement when Mason got to see the firefighters slide down the pole and drive off in the trucks with their sirens blazing!


His mom, Abby, says his career goals have evolved quite a bit over the past couple years.


“His current profession of choice as a firefighter probably stems from his dad Erik’s career as an Engine Captain with the Dakota Prairie Grasslands, which is part of the United States Forest Service,” said Abby. “Mason is keen on noticing how much joy and excitement his dad conveys when discussing his own career. You can see the spark in Mason’s eyes and the excitement in his voice when he asks his Daddy questions about what the fire trucks look like that he gets to drive to fires and what each of the tools on the engine assist him with.” 


When we asked Mason why he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, his answer reaffirmed his admiration for the work his dad does.


“Because then I can go with daddy in the fire truck,” said Mason.


He also says his favorite part of the job would be “spraying water!”


And it seems taking on the role of a firefighter would be quite a new adventure.


“I haven’t been a firefighter before,” said Mason.


Since Mason is just 5-years-old, his parents want him to focus on what interests him and know one day he’ll find the career that fits him best.


“Life is filled with challenges, choices and changes,” said Abby. “As his parents, our goal is to help support him in discovering where his strengths, abilities and interests lie and give him some of those early experiences to learn and develop a solid knowledge base.”


They know that his career choice could change over time and say for parents, it’s important to be supportive no matter what age your child is.


“As he grows we will communicate the importance of being involved in a career that helps him grow as a person, create meaningful relationships and one that he is excited to be a part of,” said Abby. “Ultimately, we hope Mason will understand that whichever career field he chooses to take down the road, we will encourage and support him in reaching his highest potential.”


Kenna, Age 4 (Firefighter)


Kenna also wants to be a firefighter when she grows up. She joined ‘Hood Magazine along with Mason to get some hands-on experience with the job at Sioux Falls Fire Rescue recently. From getting inside the fire truck to spraying the fire hose, Kenna was thrilled to get the chance to experience her dream job!


Kenna’s mom, Desirae, says her passion and quest to become a firefighter one day all started after a recent field trip.


“Kenna was impressed by the firefighters and the fire department during a recent preschool field trip,” said Desirae.” She loved seeing all the firefighters’ equipment and especially liked the fire trucks.”


Kenna has quickly learned the potential danger of fires and how she might be able to help. When we asked her why she wanted to be a firefighter one day, she had this to say:


“Because firefighters take fire out of people’s houses!”


She says her favorite part of the job would be using the big fire hose, which she was able to try out on the job. Those she met with at the fire station left a lasting impression on Kenna.


“I want to be just like the firefighters I visited,” said Kenna.


And while Kenna might have many years to go before she can drive the big red fire truck, her parents understand the importance of letting her learn and dream big.


“We encourage our children to explore career choices that match their interests,” said Desirae. “We tell them that any job choice is within reach as long as they set goals and work hard to achieve them.”


Kenna’s dream came true, at least for this day. Even if she chooses a different path, she’ll always remember the firefighters she met, and the impact they have on so many lives in the community. For her parents, the visit reinforces their parenting style as they lead by example.


“We work hard and try to instill that same type of work ethic into our children,” said Desirae. “We believe that through hard work and determination, anything is possible. We teach our children that no goal (career or otherwise) is out of reach.  If they want something, we encourage them to go after it!”


Khallie, Age7 (Architect) 


When you think of building a new house, you would most likely find an architect to draw up the plans, or you might call 7-year-old Khallie, who has a passion for dreaming up blue prints for homes. She one day hopes to be an architect.

Her mom finds notebooks filled with unique designs and is pretty sure Khallie has found her calling.


“Khallie really enjoys math, looking at different types of buildings and drawing house plans,” said her mom, Desirae. “She spends much of her free time filling notebooks with her unique house designs.”  


We recently helped Khallie turn her dream into reality. She spent some time with Allison Dvorak, an architect at Koch Hazard Architects in Sioux Falls. They talked about everything related to architecture and what all the different schematic symbols mean. They even found they have similar personalities. When Allison was a child, she also filled up notebooks with house plans, much like Khallie.


Khallie’s parents enjoy seeing her designs. They never criticize the creativity; in fact, they know it’s important for her to grow.


“We encourage our children to explore career choices that match their interests,” said Desirae. “We tell them that any job choice is within reach as long as they set goals and work hard to achieve them.”  


As for Khallie, she’s pretty confident she’s found her calling.


 “I want to be an architect because I like drawing and designing different types of buildings,” said Khallie.


Her favorite part of the job would be all the measurements and putting the house together and ultimately helping others.


 “Being an architect would be fun because I could use my imagination and design awesome buildings for people,” said Khallie.


Nyah, Age 8 (Singer) 


Breathing exercise and practicing scales are all part of the skills needed to be a singer. For 8-year-old Nyah, her dreams recently came true for a day. She took center stage in the spot light at the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, and she was all smiles.


Nyah one day dreams of being a singer and looks up to the artists she often sees on television. Her mom, Abir, says she’s always singing and dancing.


“Her favorite are the Disney singers,” said Abir. “She watches them every day and would love to be a singer one day.”


Nyah says there are many reasons to consider a singing career.


“Because it is fun and I love to sing,” said Nyah. “I also would love traveling to new places to sing!”


Her travels to this stage gave her some experience with a microphone and even some of the instruments. She even spent some time with an instructor getting a lesson in breathing and practicing scales.


For her family, they know singing can be a demanding career, but they are always by her side to encourage her.

“We always tell her that she can be anything her heart desires,” said Abir. “We just want her to be happy with whatever she chooses.”

Outside of singing, Nyah also loves playing soccer and being with friends. You might also find her humming a tune as she’s helping her dad in the garden or shopping with mom. 

Augusta, Age 8 (Fashionista) 


Augusta is known for her unique outfits that show off her personality and she one day dreams of providing the same experience for others as a fashion designer. She recently spent some time at the Institute of Design in Sioux Falls where she took a tour of the design studio and some hands on experience. The walls inside the studio are filled with inspiration from the instructor and past students, and as you can imagine, Augusta was in her element.


“Augusta loves helping others and dressing them up,” said her mom, Emily. “She is always practicing by dressing her siblings and our dog!”

During her visit, she learned how to do measurements and why they’re important. She also spent a lot of time sketching out ideas of her own.


“I love putting different things together from textures of fabrics to pops of color,” said Augusta. “It’s super fun! I also want people to feel good about themselves, and a new look can boost your confidence and also compliment your inner beauty.”


Augusta’s mom says she loves seeing her daughter’s inner beauty shine through in such a unique way.


“We couldn’t be more proud of Augusta’s aspirations to be a fashion designer,” said Emily. “We are glad Augusta wants to help people love themselves and make them smile.”


Augusta says she has one reason she dreams of being a fashion designer one day.

“To help people feel better about their image and make them smile,” said Augusta.


And while she helps people smile, her family finds joy knowing she wants to make a difference in someone’s life.


“We want our kids to be happy, and if they help other in the process, it’s even better,” said Emily. “We love that Augusta sees the value of making someone feel better. We will continually praise our kids’ creativity and the persistence that our kids put into their dreams.”


Dreams that for now will continue to grow in the unique, creative mind of Augusta. 

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