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Help Your Family by Limiting Artificial Dyes, Fragrances & Sweeteners

Apr 25, 2016 09:34AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Christine Duncan, Lanpher Chiropractic


The prevalence of artificial dyes and sweeteners in our foods today is staggering. As well as having artificial dyes and fragrances in most body products, cleaners and chemicals as well. All of these artificial products and additives are toxic and hard on our bodies. Helping to limit your families’ exposure could relieve some chemical stress and potentially help solve some dis-ease and allergy symptoms. You might not even be aware of how much these artificial additives are affecting your family until you take some away, and let some healing take place.


Many adults find that removing artificial dyes and sweeteners, they have less headaches and migraines, their skin clears up and they have less digestive issues. In children, the main positive side effects are better concentration with less attention issues, less headaches/migraines, improved digestion and less bed wetting issues. When artificial fragrances are eliminated there are even more benefits. Many adults and children have fragrance-triggered migraines, and by simply avoiding artificial fragrances in the home, cleaning products and body products these can be eliminated all together!


You probably have more of these additives/products in your home than you realize. Not all may trigger adverse effects in your family, but limiting exposure may prevent health issues down the road.


Some fragrance-products that are easy to cut out are:

  • Candles
  • Air fresheners, room sprays
  • Certain wax warming products
  • Potpourri
  • Certain perfumes and colognes/body sprays


Some dye-products that are easy to cut out are:

  • Fruit snacks with artificial coloring
  • Juice and sports drinks with artificial coloring
  • Candy with artificial coloring
  • Colored frostings, sprinkles etc.


Some sweetener products that are easy to cut out are:

  • Products that are “Fat-Free” or “Non-Fat”
  • Products that are “Light/Lite” or “Diet”
  • Products that are “Sugar-Free” or “Low-Sugar”
  • Products that have “Zero-Calories” (that are not vegetables)


These sweet products are not what they claim to be. They technically have less or no regular sugar – sucrose – but the companies that make these health claims simply replace that regular sugar with an artificial sweetener, so your “low-calorie” or “non-fat” coffee still tastes sweet. This switch is hard on your body. Artificial sweeteners are not processed the same way that regular sugars are. Your body doesn’t really know what to do with these sugar impostors, so there are some irregularities in normal bodily functions. Blood sugar becomes affected, as well as detoxification systems and digestion.


There are alternatives to using these products, rather than cutting out any fragrance, coloration or sweetness from your families’ daily life.

  • Candles, warming wax, air freshening sprays and potpourri that are natural essential oil based will still have a great fragrance but still let your family avoid those more toxic smells. Using natural perfumes, colognes and body sprays that are natural essential oil based will also work as a great substitute. The harsh, artificial fragrances normally contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, which is a known cancer causing chemical!
  • There are natural food/plant based dyes that are available to use for cooking and baking, which are great alternatives! Organic companies are becoming much more prevalent, making it much easier to find gummy and snack options for your little ones that contain no artificial dyes. You might have to cut out the colored sports drinks and candy, but there are definitely healthier options to replace those all together!
  • The “low-calorie” products need to be addressed as a shift in thinking about nutrition instead of simply choosing those foods as an “easy” option. With all the negative consequences of consuming those artificially sweetened products, it is very much worth your time and energy to choose foods and snacks that are naturally lower in sugar, such as fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. Monitoring sugar intake in this way, by substituting healthy foods for those using artificial additives, is a much safer and cleaner way to cut down on sugar in your diet.


Not every person is sensitive to every fragrance, dye or sweetener. Some are more or less sensitive, but it is helpful to know for example, which dyes bother your children, or which artificial sweetener gives your husband a migraine. Luckily, there is a pain free testing option that is based in the holistic, naturopathic realm of medicine that can shed some light on these sensitivities.


Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a great option for a pain free solution to assess children and adults for allergies or sensitivities. This is a non-invasive way to test food or chemical products. This is a form of holistic medicine that is not considered “mainstream” or “western medicine”. It is based on acupuncture meridians or energy paths that run through the body that relate to organs and glands. These energy pathways have been mapped out and used for thousands of years by Chinese and Japanese practitioners. Using this technique, your family can be tested to see if any artificial dyes, fragrances or sweeteners cause reactions in their bodies.


Many Chiropractors in the United States use AK as a form of muscle testing in addition to their normal evaluation of patients.  It is very helpful in assessing the spine and other joints for misalignments, as well as looking at the overall wellness of the body. Sensitivities, and allergies can be evaluated, in a natural, holistic way. This is where it becomes such a great tool to evaluate children. No needles, shots or blood drawing is done; the child gets to remain happy in a non-stressful environment. 


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