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The Growing Family: The Byrnes Family

03/24/2016 12:15PM ● By Hood Magazine

With one son born premature and another born with a heart defect and many other medical complications, living with parents was something the Byrnes family didn’t think twice about.


“Rick and I got married and we had a house and we got pregnant and I had Wyatt at 27 

 weeks,” said Aubrey Byrnes. “At that time I was in an internship, I wasn’t working, so we decided to sell our house and move in with my parents. That way they could help with Wyatt when he came home from the hospital. My father also has some medical issues, so we work as a team.”


When Rick and Aubrey’s second son, Colton, was born he had many medical issues. Aubrey says it was meant to be that they were living with her parents.


“It was a blessing that we were here because they were able to help us with costs because I was put on bed rest as of 20 weeks,” said Aubrey.


Now the family continues to work through busy schedules, medical appointments and jobs. They’re thankful they have a team to help them, but getting to a sense of normalcy didn’t come without some bumps along the way.


“In the beginning it was almost embarrassing to say we moved back in with my parents,” said Aubrey. “People would assume we couldn’t afford things, or we didn’t make enough money. Now, three years later, people are so different. They say they wish they had that same support and help with their kids.”


Her parents have also had to adjust.


“We also have two dogs, so it’s like a zoo around here,” said Aubrey. “We have toys everywhere. It’s been an adjustment for my parents because everything is not neat and organized all the time.”


For others who are considering a similar move, Aubrey has some good advice.


“If you have the space, that’s really important, to make sure you still have your space to do your things,” said Aubrey. “It doesn’t have to be permanent, it doesn’t have to be a forever home. It has so many positive benefits.”


And she says it’s the relationships that benefit the most.


 “I’m almost 30 and I’m still learning about relationships and love and seeing my parents with my kids, that grandparent relationship is something I don’t think you can get if you don’t live together,” said Aubrey. “There are so many benefits; it’s totally worth it. Even if for a short time, it can be a major benefit.”