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Baby Proofing 101

03/24/2016 10:30AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Hannah Parker, Nourish Birth Collective

Unintentional injuries as a result of accidents are the leading cause of death among children. Children are naturally curious which leads them into things they shouldn’t get into and no one wants to see their children get hurt.

The good news is, many accidents can be prevented by taking simple precautions around your home. Following is a list of things to think about when getting ready for babies and toddlers around the home.

1.  Kitchen cabinet locks – keep little hands away from sharp kitchen tools and gadgets.

2.  Keep medicines secured – children are interested in the colors and shapes and can easily ingest too much medication.

3.  Anchor large furniture – kids love to climb!

4.  Outlet covers – so many things would be fun to stick in there!

5.  Secure or hide electrical cords – out of sight, out of mind.

6.  Never leave children unattended in the tub – drowning can happen in a heartbeat.

7.  Secure household cleaners in a locked cabinet – little ones might. try to eat or drink anything they come across which could be toxic to little bodies

8.  Door handle covers/bolt exit doors – especially if you have an escape artist!

9.  Check smoke alarm batteries every 6 months – they won’t alert you to danger if they aren’t working!

10.  Keep cribs clear – infants under 1 are especially at risk of suffocation from blankets, bumpers, or stuffed animals.

It’s important to be mindful of the potential hazards in your home so you can plan ahead for your little ones. The more time you spend baby-proofing your home before baby, the less time worrying once they arrive. Then all you have to worry about is playing, laughing and snuggling!