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How To Turn Homework Time Into Family Time

03/24/2016 09:45AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Mathnasium of Sioux Falls 


Instead of letting homework time become a frustrating part of the day, here are some tips for turning homework time into more enjoyable family time:


1.     Let your kids be the teacher, especially with new methods like Common Core. 

Encourage your older kids to help teach their younger siblings, especially when it comes to understanding new methods such as Common Core math.  What may seem confusing to you, as a parent may be easier for your older children to explain because they have recently seen the same topics at school.  Don’t be afraid to ask them for help.


2.     Allow your children to teach you.

Since no one’s kids get along all the time, an additional solution is to ask your child to first teach you. Often homework time turns into a time where you try to teach your children how you learned math in school, which can sometimes end in frustration on both sides. What if you approach homework time as a time to allow your children to teach you? You often learn best by teaching others.


3.     Encourage everyone to participate.

As often as your schedule allows, have everyone in the family complete their homework simultaneously. Take time to sit down and work on something yourself too and give your little ones their own “work” if they don’t have homework yet. By starting homework at the same time, no one feels like they’re missing out on something more fun. You may also may find ways that your children can help each other complete their assignments. For instance, if one child has to practice their multiplication tables, the other child can be the person to hold up the flash cards or check their answers.


4.     Recognize their effort.

The word homework includes the word work. Remember that your children are doing work, which isn’t always fun. Let’s face it; sometimes we struggle with doing work too. No matter how old we are, we all like being rewarded for our work. Whether it’s words of encouragement, added fun time, or a fun outing, don’t forget to look for ways you can reward your children for completed homework. Often, the greatest reward for a child is as simple as hearing you tell them how proud you are of them for doing their work.