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Five Fun Activities for Summer Learning

Feb 22, 2016 ● By Hood Magazine
By Sylvan Learning of Sioux Falls

Just because they’re taking a break from the classroom doesn’t mean they should take a break from learning. There are tons of fun summer activities you can infuse learning in your students’ everyday lives, helping them continue to practice math and reading concepts throughout the summer:


  • Puzzle Palooza: Host a weekly family game night throughout the summer.  Supply your family with different puzzles that will keep them constantly thinking. Whether you’re playing Sudoku or challenging each other to answer brain teasers, puzzles are a great way to keep kids’ minds working without their even realizing it.


  • Top Chef Duo: Cooking a delicious dinner or making a complicated dessert?  Your 
    child will make the perfect sous chef. Instead of doing all of the work yourself, have your child prep all the ingredients and work on his or her measuring skills. For extra practice, use a recipe that will require adapting the measurements to fit a different serving size. This will help kids with multiplication and fractions.


  • Percentage Praxis: After a meal out with the family, put your child in charge of calculating the tip. Keep your child on his or her toes every time by suggesting a different tip percentage: 15%, 18% or 20%. If you have more than one child, you can challenge them to accurately calculate the tip as quickly as possible.


  • Groceries Galore: Grocery shopping is a regular joy — but why should you have all 
     the fun? While shopping for fresh produce, your child can practice his or her multiplication skills. Have your child weigh the items that are sold by the pound and calculate how much it will cost to purchase everything you need.


  • The Diary Experiment: Challenge your kids to some secret summer learning by asking them to document their summer adventures in a diary or journal. Having them write every day will increase their literacy, improve their handwriting and enhance their storytelling skills.