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Common Pregnancy and Parenting Related Questions

Feb 22, 2016 09:15AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Hannah Parker, Nourish Birth Collective

I’m pregnant and have the worst heartburn! What can I take for some relief?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Pregnancy and heartburn go hand in hand and can be frustrating and painful to deal with. There are a number of suggestions to try, but as with anything, be sure to consult with your midwife or doctor first. If you’re plagued by ‘the burn,’ try chewing some papaya enzymes before and after meals. You can also take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with some honey and water or try baking soda mixed with water to neutralize the acid. As funny as it sounds, some pregnant women also swear drinking a little pickle juice is just the cure they were looking for.


Is excessive hair loss after pregnancy normal? Is there anything I can do to stop it or slow it down?

Hair loss is a completely normal, albeit unfortunate, part of pregnancy and postpartum. It happens because the hair follicles change from their normal cycle and stay in the ‘grow’ or ‘sit’ stage instead of falling out at a normal rate. Once your baby is born, your body slowly reboots the hair cycle and many women notice a lot of hair loss around three months postpartum. Some women have found that a gentle head massage daily can help generate hair to grow faster and take the place of those lost locks. If you’re losing more than you’re comfortable with, consult your doctor as occasionally, hair loss can be a sign of thyroid imbalance.


I love being a mother, but I feel like I am losing myself. What helps you find yourself again?

The balance of being a mother and remaining a sane human is a true challenge. We know that there aren’t many peaceful, quiet moments in your house, but embracing those can really help bring some balance back into your life. If you’re a social butterfly, try to make a play-date with other parents, or even call a friend for coffee to reconnect. If you prefer quiet time, try a bath with Epsom salts and some lavender oil after the kids are in bed, read a book, flip through a magazine or have a solo coffee shop date. Every parent can also benefit from exercising on a regular basis and positive affirmations. Try looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling and remember, you are a great parent. You are exactly what your child needs. 
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