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Family Keepsakes

02/22/2016 09:00AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Nicki Masur, Origami Owl

Family keepsakes are great ways of connecting us to our family members in the past, present and future. I inherited my maternal grandmother's hand-stitched handkerchief. I recall her using this especially during Saturday evening church services. I miss her dearly and this heirloom helps me feel connected to her.


I personally enjoy jewelry much like my paternal grandmother. I inherited a couple of her rings in which I keep in a safe place, but where I can always see them. My three daughters share my love for jewelry, especially my middle daughter. Someday, I plan to pass on the inherited items along with my own personal belongings. By this time my children will already have the understanding of the importance of protecting and cherishing family keepsakes. These valuable keepsakes pass on who and what we are to our future generations for centuries to come.