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3rd Annual Mommy Gets Fit Challenge

01/28/2016 06:07PM ● By Hood Magazine

Are you ready to make a huge lifestyle change but don't know where to start? APPLY NOW for 'Hood Magazine's 3rd Annual Mommy Gets Fit Challenge sponsored by Koko FitClub Sioux Falls

Complete the application
 and include a full body photo for a chance to transform your life! One winner will be chosen.

There are two ways to submit your application: 

  • Online via the form below*
  • Print PDF form attached above (mail with photo)

Deadline for applications is March 20th 2016.

*Please email photo labeled with first and last name to [email protected] 

 immediately after submitting online application. If photo is not sent, your application will not be considered.

The winner will receive a full membership to Koko FitClub with 24 hour access for the 4 months of Mommy Gets Fit (MGF). Koko FitClub knows that coaching is the key to success. The winner will receive coaching at every workout with both the digital coaching and personal coaching with Master FitCoach Tommy Hofer. They will be required to work out 3-4 times a week utilizing a personalized program that is designed just for them, on the patented Koko Smartrainer at the Sioux Falls Koko FitClub. These Smartraining sessions will last 45min and can be done anytime during the week. In addition, the winner will receive personal training twice a week, and set times will be determined with the Master FitCoach and the winner. These sessions are required and can only be missed if excused by the master FitCoach. Total weekly workout sessions with both digital and personal coaching will be a minimum of five sessions per week lasting 30-45mins.   

The winner understands that diet and nutrition will affect her fitness goals and performance during the MGF Challenge. The winner will be required to follow the Better Body System from Yoli. The products/supplements will be provided but will food will not be. Total value of this is over $1,000.

Koko FitClub provides: 24 Hour Access key fob for the 4 months, heart rate monitor, a 4 month supply of a transformation kit (Yoli) and customized training programs. Please feel free to call or stop by Koko FitClub so you can check out the club.

Only 1 winner will be chosen and there is no fee to apply. 

At the end of the Mommy Gets Fit Challenge, we will do a photo shoot and the last week of August we will go on KSFY to and do a live reveal of the transformation and talk about your experience. 

* Required Field