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Teacher of the Year: Other Outstanding Nominees

Jan 27, 2016 06:46AM ● By Hood Magazine

Mr. Hirt, 1st Grade, Harrisburg Freedom Elementary  

“Mr. Hirt is the best teacher because he makes learning fun.”
Nominated by Kennedy K.

Mr. Gappa, 3rd Grade, Brandon Elementary School
“He is excellent in teaching academics but more importantly he has taught respect, forgiveness, love, hope, kindness, friendship and so much more.”
Nominated by Jadyn R.

Mrs. Wolles, Kindergarten, Hartford Elementary School
“She has so much patience. She is so awesome with each and every child.”

“Mrs. Wolles truly cares about her students and her students’ parents.”
Nominated by Jackson C.  And Elizabeth W.

Mrs. Halbersma, Kindergarten, R.F. Pettigrew Elementary
“Mrs. Halbersma goes above and beyond when it comes to teaching her students. She makes the experience enjoyable and fun!”

“Mrs. Halbersma has gone over and beyond to help our son. She is always positive, uplifting and friendly.”

Nominated by Kesser  P.  and Hunter 

Mrs. Holloway, 1st Grade, Hartford Elementary School
“Her personal and professional involvement into my child's education is unable to be explained in word.”

“Mrs. Holloway has a great passion for her job and cares tremendously about her students.”

“All I can really say is she’s the best!”
Nominated by Karson O.  and Zane M. 

Mrs. Spielmann, 2nd Grade, Hartford Elementary School
“She challenges her students with new ways of thinking and encourages them to believe in themselves even when what they are working on seems too difficult.”

Mrs. Mcguire, 3rd Grade, Robert Bennis Elementary, Brandon
“She is fun and keeps learning fun. The best is she keeps the parents informed and has the best attitude.”
Nominated by McKenzie G. 

Mrs. Lane, 4th Grade, Brandon Elementary School
“My children are lucky to have such a great school to attend, but also have such a wonderful person to guide and encourage them along the way.”
Nominated by Caitlyn and Mason P. 

Mrs. Waltner, 1st Grade, Marion Elementary School
“Mrs. Waltner meet every kid where he or she is at and makes learning fun.”
Nominated by Harli R.

Mrs. Cole, Kindergarten, Hartford Elementary School
“She combines an amazing combination of structure and love with her class.”
Nominated by Kaiden H.

Miss Jo, Preschool, Building Blocks, Brandon
“Miss Jo really knows how to make an impact on each preschooler, and how to work with each one individually with their learning tactics.”
Nominated by Ryker R.

Mrs. Lenz, Preschool, Sioux Falls Lutheran
“Mrs. Lenz is the best teacher, because she's patient, kind and has lots of projects to do and her projects are the best!”
Nominated by June W.

Mr. Gebhart, 5th Grade, Brandon Valley Intermediate School
“He treats his young students like adults, encouraging them to expand their horizons and learn new things.”
Nominated by Madalyn and Brenden M. 

Miss Kline, Kindergarten, Brandon Elementary School
“Miss Kline has made the transition to kindergarten wonderful and she is so patient and caring.”
Nominated by Micah R.

Mrs. Shade, 1st Grade, Tea Elementary School
“She is firm, yet fun and has a very creative style of teaching.”
Nominated by Landry C.

Miss Rozell, 3rd Grade, Humboldt Elementary School
“She’s the best teacher because she’s kind.”
Nominated by Elisabeth H.

Ms. Ruda, Kindergarten, Hartford Elementary School
“She has the patience, the heart, and the love that it takes to be a perfect kindergarten teacher.”
Nominated by Braylon R.

Sr. Giraldo, Kindergarten, Rosa Parks Elementary School
“Senor Giraldo does a great job with making the children feel comfortable learning a second language and makes sure they have fun doing it.”
Nominated by Tatum G.

Miss Valbuena, 2nd Grade, Robert Frost Elementary School
“She is a dedicated first year teacher who has poured her time, energy, and heart into helping her students learn.”
Nominated by Major L.

Ms. Miller, Preschool, Sioux Falls Lutheran
“She's patient and funny and will go out of her way to make kids feel better and safe.”
Nominated by June W.

Mrs. Wolff, 2nd Grade, Dell Rapids Elementary School
“She is extremely sweet, calm and supportive of her students while providing an abundance of praise and support to encourage and challenge her students!”
Nominated by Camden M.

Ms. LeLoux, 3rd Grade, All City Elementary School
“At reading we get to pick out the book and our teacher record us on the Ipad. This is what I thing that my teacher is special.”
Nominated by Parkaven T-P.

Mrs. Wolff, Kindergarten, Baltic Elementary School
“She puts in extra effort for her students to be as healthy happy and get the very most out of their experience in her class!”
Nominated by Ava 

Mrs. Lingberg, 5th Grade, St. Michael’s School
“I always feel that I can come to her with anything, questions, problems or just need someone to talk to.”

“Mrs. Lingberg has truly gone over and above her teaching duties.”
Nominated by Connor F. 

Ms. Millar, 4th Grade, Tea Intermediate School
“Ms Millar is so funny, smart and everybody loves her. She is always nice and respectful.”
Nominated by Miah W.

Ms. Blomgren, 5th Grade, Lowell Elementary School
“I think my teacher is the best because she is caring, helpful, nice, and any good trait you would find in teacher.”
Nominated by Lily W.

Mrs. Koerner, Kindergarten, R.F. Pettigrew Elementary School
“Teachers don't get any better than Myra Koerner!!! She teaches and is in tune to so much more than just the academics.”
Nominated by Braxton N.

Mrs. McGinnis, 1st Grade, Kennedy Elementary School, Pierre
“She makes sure each child gets what he or she needs for success.”
Nominated by Aiden S.

 Ms. Langle, Kindergarten, Robert Frost Elementary School
“She is fun! She has 27 English speaking energetic children learning Spanish for the first time. She’s very caring and patient.”
Nominated by Ariah B.

Mrs. Potter, 5th Grade, Challenge Center
“Mrs. Potter is so caring towards all of her students. She takes time to help them individually so that they can do their best work.”
Nominated by Grace M.

Ms. Kocmick, 4th Grade, R.F. Pettigrew Elementary School
“She is kind, helpful, and cares. She helps the kids while doing work. She is nice towards others.”

“She truly cares about her students and goes above and beyond for them.”

“Her kindness and caring for my daughter and her classmates.”

“She encourages collaboration and teamwork on projects, helping to prepare our children for the future.”

“She truly believes in personalizing her teaching so every single student has the best possible opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed!”

Nominated by Kayli, James B., Maria F., Dawson A. and Caleb K. 

Mrs. Feeldy, 3rd Grade, Journey Elementary School
“Mrs. Feeldy is the best teacher because whenever I'm not understanding something, she always comes over and helps.”
Nominated by Lily S.

Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Larson, Kindergarten, Journey Elementary School
“I just really love Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Larson - they are just the best teachers ever. Usually they do fun math experience like playing with snow and stuff.”
Nominated by Ella S.

Mrs. Enebo, 1st Grade, Harrisburg Liberty Elementary
“She does numerous extra things throughout the day to teach not only the basics of school, but kindess, caring and life lessons.”
Nominated by Tessa V.

Mrs. Quissell, 3rd Grade, Christ the King
“She is patient, kind, and enthusiastic. All of the kids adore her.”
Nominated by Jake T.

Mrs. Arbogast, Kindergarten, St. Michael’s School
“Mrs. Arbogast always shows the kids she cares and gives the kids hugs at the end of the school day.”
Nominated by Jake T.

Mrs. Scheff, 1st Grade, Laura Wilder Elementary School
“We are so appreciate of a teacher who is able to recognize what Kallie can do and to work with her so diligently so she can continue advancing in school.”
Nominated by Kallie B.

Ms. Stephanie, Pre-K, Hawthorn Elementary School
“Ms. Stephanie did everything in the two years she’S been teaching my son to teach him not only the school curriculum but life morals.”
Nominated by Jake H.

Mrs. Pike, Kindergarten, All City Elementary School
“She is such a kind, caring teacher.”

“She is the most kind, patient and respectful person, really a role model to all those around her.”

“You can feel a sense of peace and calm in her kindergarten classroom, it is a comforting and safe place for these brand new students to learn.”

“Mrs. Pike cares deeply about the success of each of the children in our class.”

Nominated by Jasper S., Olive R., Henry M. and Graham F.

Mrs. Ivey, 2nd Grade, Challenge Center
“She is nice and organized. She is also fun. She helps kids when they get hurt or angry.”
Nominated by Emily P.

Mrs. Reker, 4th Grade, All City Elementary School
“I'm constantly amazed by the time, thought and energy that Amie Reker puts into making each day magical for her fourth grade students.”
Nominated by Ellen M.

Mrs. Lypetski, 5th Grade, Garretson Elementary School
“Mrs. Lypetski treats everyone fair and sees me as a good student.”
Nominated by Alex R. 

Miss Krogstad, 1st Grade, Baltic Elementary School
“My child loves spelling because of Miss Krogstad--she looks forward to new words each week!”
Nominated by Xanthia L.

Ms. Vyhlidal, 2nd Grade, Harrisburg Freedom Elementary School
“Ms. Vyhlidal cares about each student as if they were her own child.”
Nominated by Jackson H.

Mrs. Dykstra, 2nd Grade, Rosa Parks Elementary School
“When she reads to us she acts like the characters and it makes us love to read!”
Nominated by Nyah A.

Ms. Sabers, 2nd Grade, Hartford Elementary School
“She is a good teacher!”
Nominated by Dominick G.

Ms. Brooke Hermson, 2nd Grade, Hartford Elementary School
“Ms. Hermson is the best because she is nice and helps me to reach my goals. He makes her classroom fun allowing us to make basketball shot when we make good choices threw out our day.”
Nominated by: Gavin D.