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Free Educational Family Activities

Jan 22, 2016 11:41AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Shaina Herrmann, Shaina’s Deals

We all want to spend more time together with our family. Often times we think that means going out for a meal at a nice restaurant or going on a trip to Disneyland, but not every family activity needs to be expensive or even cost a thing! Use this list as a starting point to create your own list of family activities that you can all enjoy together. 


●      Write letters and notes - Take time each month as a family to write letters and notes to friends and relatives. For little children, you can have them dictate it and write it out for them. For older children it will be good writing practice and teach them how to address envelopes.

●      Moon journal - Use a basic journal to track the changes in the moon’s appearance and location in the sky each night for one month. Check out library books on the moon and moon cycle to read together and further your education on the subject!

●      Homemade audiobooks - Mom, Dad, and/or the older kids can record themselves reading their favorite childhood books for the younger kids in the family, or you can give the book with the audio recording to relatives with small children as gift from the whole family.

●      Meals together with educational discussion - Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, always make time to have at least one meal together as a family. Have a box of topics available at the table that will encourage fun and interesting educational discussions.

●      Homemade kitchen staples - Show your kids how to make butter, cheeses, spice mixes, and bread from scratch. Not only could it save them money later in life but it encourages healthier eating as it teaches them to notice the different ingredients and processes that go into making their food.

Enjoy nature together -  If the weather is warm enough, get the family outside together to explore a nature area. Bring along journals to record what you find! Sioux Falls has the Outdoor Campus, Perry Nature Area, and several other great places to explore.