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Pom-Pom Bookmark

01/22/2016 10:03AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Kara Weber, Creative/Events Director



White card stock
Hole punch


Find a detailed, patterned coloring page, or free printable coloring page bookmarks online. Print them off on white cardstock and punch a hole in top of one end. 

 Make a pom-pom: Put a 10-inch piece of yarn between your pointer and tall
finger. Then take ball of yarn and wrap around your middle and tall fingers
30 times. Not too tight.

Pull the 10-inch piece up to where you wrapped and tie it tightly around the
middle of your wrapped yarn. Remove yarn from your fingers. Cut the loops in
the middle and trim off long pieces for an even pom-pom.

Use the ends of the 10-inch piece of yarn to attach the bookmark. Write your message on the back and you have a Valentine coloring page