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Painters Tape Playground!

Nov 28, 2015 08:35PM ● By Hood Magazine

By Kara Weber, Creative/Events Director

It's officially winter and we are all stuck indoors with limited large motor activities for those 

 little ones to get their energy out. Here is a great solution! A painter's tape playground. Run to the store and grab some blue painters tape, and let your imagination run wild!


Here are some ideas you can include in your painters tape indoor playground.

  • Indoor hopscotch
  • Roads for matchbox cars
  • Sticky doorway webs to catch paper balls
  • An obstacle course for a paper airplane
  • Wall art
  • A floor maze
  • Make your own giant board game
  • Toddler shape identification games
  • A balance beam
  • Line measurements for standing long jump competitions
  • Tape cardboard tubes to the wall to make your own marble run using a bouncy ball or ping-pong ball


The ideas are limitless and a whole lot of fun! Have the kids design their own playground to engage their creativity and keep them occupied and playing even longer.

 Painter's tape is great because it will not damage your walls, floors, furniture or carpet, it is made for sticking to these things without causing damage.

So "stick" to our plan and turn a boring too cold day, into ‘Painters Tape Playground play!’

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