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Bringing Joii Home

Oct 30, 2015 08:30AM ● By Hood Magazine

By Ryan Oaks

Our family has had the desire to adopt internationally for over 25 years - and this year that dream is coming true.  We are planning a trip to China December or early January to bring home our new girl, Joii Wu Dong Hui Oaks.

When we married in June of 1994 our desire was to have a family.  Quickly we discovered that this idea was not working in the time frame we so desired.  With seven years of working through infertility, clinics, doctor visits, shots, shots and more shots we decided that the idea of a biological family was not going to happen.  To say we that we were devastated is an understatement.  Yes we had family.  Yes we had support.  But to hold that little bundle in our arms seemed was not going to happen.

Deciding that we were done visiting doctors we changed the course of our work lives and home lives and turned to enjoying our marriage as a young couple.  Our desire to adopt had been growing stronger in this process but financially the time was not right.  So we waited.  Much to our blessing, two years to the month of us deciding that doctor visits and lab tests were finished we discovered we were expecting!  Nine months later we had Bethani - two years later we had Gabbrielle - two years later we had Aron and fours years later came Aric!  (Glad the doctors were wrong!)

Now our adoption story has come full circle and we are so blessed to be bringing Joii home!

We are looking for some support from anyone willing to help and we have a great way that you can help.  On November 12th, join us at Chevy's Fresh Mex between 11am - 11 pm and simply dine out with out your family and bring in the attached coupon with your visit and Chevy's will donate 15% of your total bill to our adoption of Joii.