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Halloween Timelines

Sep 28, 2015 01:49PM ● By Hood Magazine

It’s October and what better way to display those cute yearly Halloween costume pictures than by making a Halloween ‘timeline-vine’ to show how much your children have grown each year.

Learning about timelines has likely been part of your child’s school curriculum, so what a great way to learn by making your own timeline at home!

1. Collect a photo of your child in their Halloween costume from each year of Halloween they have dressed up.

2. We made two different timelines. One pumpkin time-vine and one spider web-vine. Have children color or paint plates to make pumpkins, and you can even finger weave yarn to make a thick vine.

3. For webs, we just drew spider webs on printer paper and attached them with tape to some web-like yarn.

4. Print out a photo from each year and attach it to the pumpkin or web.

5. Have children organize them by year and put their timeline in order. You can even have a question mark to show your vine’s future costume for this year.

This is a fun project that teaches kids about timelines and how they are organized. 


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