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Halloween Games

Sep 28, 2015 02:05PM ● By Hood Magazine

The Frankenstein Roll


1 cardboard box

Paper (gift wrap or construction paper)

Black tissue paper

2 black paper cups



Take your cardboard box and cut a hole in the lower middle to create a mouth. Don’t cut the bottom of the mouth out because that will be Frankenstein’s tongue. You will want to cut the hole big enough to roll a ball in the box with ease.

Wrap the box with inside out gift-wrap paper or your choice of construction paper and start painting your Frankenstein’s face. Inside out gift-wrap with make it easier to paint on instead of the brown cardboard.

Attach a black paper cup to each of the boxes side using a hot glue gun or packaging tape. This will look like Frankenstein’s bolts.

To create hair, staple black tissue paper onto the top of his head.



Witches Wrangle


Glow stick necklaces (attach two- three to create a large ring)

3–6 witch hats

3-6 liters of soda



Place the witch hats on top of the soda bottles and toss your glow stick ring to try and wrangle a witch!