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Support & Restore: Natural Functions in your body through a Nutritional Consultation

Sep 27, 2015 07:31PM ● By Hood Magazine
By Dr. Christine Duncan, D.C. and Chiropractic Acupuncturist, Lanpher Chiropractic 


Wellness, to a holistic practitioner means supporting the body on the front end, before illness and disease have an option to rear their ugly heads; more of a proactive approach. Then once illness or disease has been noticed, restoring the body’s immune system is the main goal to overcome these issues. They do this through natural supplementation. This “medication” is recommended in a supportive and restorative way instead of a symptomatic way. Symptoms are managed, yes, but the ultimate goal is to feed the body with natural vitamins, minerals, herbs and plant based substances that support and heal from the inside out.

A nutritional consultation is the best way to figure out what vitamins, minerals or herbs your body needs to recover or heal from a particular illness. You could also schedule a consultation if you simply are over stressed and feel like you are always tired, run down and out of energy. Digestion is also a very common issue that patients bring to the attention of their holistic practitioner, as it is most easily affected by food and supplementation. Other issues such as hormonal imbalance, seasonal allergies, headaches/migraines, depression and anxiety, and fertility troubles are common issues that benefit from nutritional consults.

Different approaches are taken during a nutritional consultation depending on the situation. Sometimes the diet itself is addressed, such as trying a detoxification program or simply “trimming” the current diet to more of a clean eating plan in general. This would include avoiding excess sugar, artificial sweeteners, food dyes, and processed foods. Normally these measures make a huge difference in the patients overall health, and they end up sticking with some of the basic premises long term. Other times, certain foods need to be avoided because of a sensitivity that can be overcome with time, through healing of the digestive system. These specific instances are determined individually by patients’ unique situations. Still, other consultations will be comprised of educational sessions about which vitamins and minerals are necessary to keep the body functioning at its peak potential, or to combat a specific illness or issue the patient is dealing with.

Chiropractors trained in Applied Kinesiology or those who have a nutritional or acupuncture background would be the best option for those kinds of consults.

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