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Yoga Bedtime Routine for Kids

Aug 26, 2015 10:47AM ● By Hood Magazine
By Jennifer Long, Santosha Hot Yoga 


Good sleep helps kids to be their best! Grab your favorite pair of jammies, spend less than ten quality minutes with this yoga sequence and settle in for sweet dreams and prepare for a good morning.


Extended mountain pose to forward fold


“Reach high for the sky, reach low touch your toes.”

Repeat this three to five times. On your last fold, grab opposite elbows and let your forehead rest on your arms. Sway side to side gently about five times, release your elbows, and slowly roll up to standing.


Butterfly pose with lion’s breath

Sit down and bring the soles of your feet together allowing your knees to fall out to either side like butterfly wings. Take a big breath in through the nose and open the mouth as wide as you can, hang out your tongue and exhale for lion’s breath. Repeat three to five times.


Legs up the wall

Lay down on your back with your arms resting next to your body and reach your feet up to the sky. Allow the legs to rest against the wall or bed. Wiggle toes and feet around then close your eyes and be still.  Feel the legs relax and listen to your breath. Hold here for up to three minutes.


Knees to chest

Hug your knees in and squeeze everything tight, like you are giving yourself a hug. Rock a little side to side and up and down to stretch out your back.


Happy baby

Hug your knees towards your armpits and reach for your feet. Take a few deep breaths then reach your hands and feet to the sky and shake, shake, shake, until your arms and legs are so tired you have to stop!



Now climb into bed, rest your whole body and be as still as possible.  Close your eyes and just breathe. Think about the night sky and twinkling stars, make a wish and rest your mind and body.


Nighty-night & namaste!

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