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DIY Colored Pencil Case

Jun 29, 2015 11:07PM ● By Hood Magazine

What you need:

  • 12+in by 9in rectangle of felt (this size holds 12 pencils)
  • Scissors, ruler, pen or pencil
  • Needle, thread, ribbon of choice


Fold and draw lines: 

We took our felt rectangle and folded the bottom one third up. In the center of that fold, we drew 6 cutting lines, keeping them about ½ inch apart. We ended our 6 cutting lines 1 inch away from the open edge of the fabric.


Cut lines: 

Cut the lines on the fold through two layers of fabric stopping one inch away from the open edge.


Weave in pencils: 

Open the felt and weave in each pencil going over under, over under, starting at the shorter open edge. The next pencil you will start under over, etc. If all your pencils will not fit, you can cut your lines longer at the far end. Don’t refold to cut since your other end is already 1 inch from the raw edge.


Attach closure: 

Stitch a ribbon of choice to the longer closed end of your roll by finding the middle of the ribbon and stitching it in the outside-middle of the longer uncut edge.


Roll it up and tie a bow: 

Roll starting at the shorter edge closest to your pencils and roll up your pencil case. Secure it by wrapping one end of the ribbon one way and the other side the opposite way. Tie in a bow when they meet at the other side and you are finished!

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