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10 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids’ Math Skills Sharp During the Summer

Jun 29, 2015 07:21PM ● By Hood Magazine

Photo courtesy of Mathnasium

By Matthew & Susan Manes, Owners of Mathnasium in Sioux Falls

We use math everyday, but often miss the fun ways we can talk about it with our kids. The more laid back days of summer are a great time to show your kids that math can be fun and very useful. Here are 10 ways to help your kids think about math this summer! 

1.  Ask what time it is. Use an analog clock at your house, or get your child an analog watch. Ask your child what time it is, or ask them to help you get to your daily activities on time using his or her watch.

2.  Bring on the baking! Bake cookies together and have your kids measure out the ingredients. For an added challenge, have them help you double the recipe.

3.  Pay with cash. Use cash when you go out for ice cream or go to a movie—then let your kids pay. Have them figure out how much money they’ll need and how much change they’ll get back.

4.  Go on a shape scavenger hunt. Walk around your neighborhood and see how many different shapes you can find in everyday objects.

5.  Play “counting” catch. Play catch while taking turns counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, etc. For instance, if counting by 2s, the first person who throws the ball would say “two.” The next person would say “four” and the next person “six” and so on.  

6. Guess the length. Have your child select several objects around the house and guess how long they are. Then give him or her a ruler or tape measure to see how close each guess is. 

7.  Add the scores. When you’re at a ball game, help your child add or subtract the scores throughout the game. 

8. Count in the car. When you’re in the car, ask your kids to count how many cars they see in a certain color. Assign each child a different color and see if they can figure out how many total cars were counted.

9. Make pizza. Make pizza together and have your child figure out how many pieces are needed and how to cut the pizza into that many slices. 

10. Have a race. Challenge your kids to a race and use the stopwatch on your phone to time how fast each person is. Make a list of all the times and see if your kids can figure out how much faster or slower each time is.