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What I Want to be When I Grow Up!

Jun 29, 2015 07:14PM ● By Hood Magazine

Photos courtesy of studiofotografie

By Jessica Brovold

When we look at our own children we wonder how their lives will evolve and what path they’ll take. For some area children, their dreams came true for a day. Follow along as we take you on these adventures through the eyes of five local children and what they one day hope will be a successful career path.

Calvin, 9 


Nine-year-old Calvin loves to dress the part of his future dream job. He one day hopes to be the mayor!

“I like being important,” said Calvin. “I like meeting people and helping the city.”

Calvin recently spent some time with Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether and got a firsthand look at what it takes to be lead a leader. From an introduction on proper introductions to a tour around the office, Calvin had the chance to learn about leading a city and what the job would be like.

“People will ask me, what’s the best thing about your job?” Mayor Mike Huether said to Calvin.

  “The best thing about being the mayor is this: there is no day that is the same. It’s always different. You learn new things, you meet new people, you overcome challenges and grab new opportunities.”

Calvin says he hopes to be a Mayor who is able to meet a lot of people and help out his city and dressing up like the Mayor is at the top of his list too. His parents, Heather and Tom, say Calvin likes to be in charge and in style.

“When there’s an occasion where it would be ok, he dresses to the nines,” said Tom. “He ties his own tie, styles his own hair, picks out his own suits and likes to look sharp.”

On this day he learned that being a Mayor is more than dressing the part. He listened to Mayor Huether who offered some valuable life lessons.

“When you are involved in these challenging topics and issues and things you believe in at the highest level, there are people who will say it’s too hard, or it’s a bad idea,” said Mayor Huether. “There’s all these critics who don’t believe in you. What President Roosevelt believed was: don’t focus so much on them. Focus on those who are in the arena, in the battle, they’re in the game. Those are who you want to focus on the most. That’ll be your family, your friends and your teachers. Focus on your end goals and then go make that happen!”

Kaylen, 8

Kaylen has known from a very young age that she wanted to be a chef.

“I’ve watched a few cooking shows and it just looks so fun and I started doing my own pretend cooking shows when I was three, said Kaylen. “Then I started a play-do bakery and then I went into real cooking. I made omelets and apple pies for my dad and I even made ice cream!”

 When Kaylen recently had the chance to meet Chef Lance White from Chef Lance Catering at Maxwell Food Equipment, she could barely contain her excitement. They spent time talking about cooking and even made fruit kabobs.

“I just love to cook, I love to help,” said Kaylen. “I just feel so proud of myself and then I say wow! This is really good and I made it!”

Kaylen dreams of one day owning a restaurant, or doing a cooking show. Her mom, Amanda, is not one bit surprised by Kaylen’s dream.

“We started cooking at home when she was little,” said Amanda. “Then when she got her play kitchen, she would immediately start doing a production.”

Amanda has captured plenty of videos of Kaylen in action in her mock cooking shows. Check out a video on our website!

Marillya, 6

Marillya dreams of one day being a dentist! She recently had a chance to visit with the doctors at Family Dental Center in Sioux Falls. She learned about all the equipment and the importance of taking good care of her teeth. She says when she grows up, she hopes to be the one teaching people about dental hygiene.

“You can look around and you can see it’s important to help clean and help people with their 

 teeth,” said Marillya. “You need your teeth to eat!” Marillya’s mom, Kendra says Marillya has always loved going to the dentist. She looks forward to it every year.

“She’s enamored with the dentist,” said Kendra. “She’s even had cavities and still wants to be a dentist because she knows how important it is.”

And she notices that clean feeling after going to the dentist. “I like it because your teeth are nice and clean,” said Marillya.


 Damon, 3

Damon is a determined little guy who loves digging in the dirt!

“I like carrying things and grabbing things with machines like excavators,” said Damon. “I want to be a builder when I grow up because my uncle is a builder.”

 Damon suited up and went on the site of where the new indoor aquatic center is being built in central Sioux Falls. He spent some time with construction workers from Journey Group and while he was a little intimidated at first, it wasn’t long before he was anxious to get to work.

“We think it’s a great career to use his creativity and physical abilities,” said Liz, Damon’s mom. “We have blocks and other building toys and we watch real life and cartoon building shows on TV. We also point out construction equipment and sites as we see them and read books so he can learn more about construction and equipment.” 

Trenton, 6


Trenton lives on a farm in Luverne, MN and he dreams of being a farmer one day, just like his dad.

“I get to be outside and play with dad,” said Trenton. “There are lots of things to do every day.”

While Trenton thinks he’s playing, he’s really helping his family.

“His favorite thing to do on the farm is to wean lambs,” said Bethany, Trenton’s mom. “He helps sort the sheep and move them into different pens/pastures and watches the sheep get shorn, he really loves to be outside.”

Trenton recently took time away from his family farm to see Kevin Scott’s Farm in Valley 

 Springs. He took a tour looking at animals and equipment and even got to ride in a sprayer and see how it worked. One day he hopes to own one himself.

“To be able to drive a tractor, plant crops and feed them to my animals,” said Trenton.

For now he’s content learning all he can about farming and while he might not have his own tractor, he’s found a way to do farming in his own way at the age of six.

“I like to chase and catch the lambs, play with my bottle lambs and check the crops on the four wheeler,” said Trenton.