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BEST Dad Giveaway--WINNER!

Jun 19, 2015 11:12AM ● By Hood Magazine

Pictured L to R: Amanda, Nieva, Jordon and Steff Holtrop (Publisher of 'Hood Magazine)

Congratulations to Jordon Breuer! His daughter, Nieva and wife, Amanda nominated him as THE BEST Dad in our Best Dad Giveaway courtesy of Scheels.

Here is Nieva and Amanda's nomination:

From the day I was born, Daddy's life changed. Despite fear of raising a girl (being from a family of all boys) Daddy is the most amazing father. Two years ago at the age of 2.5, I was diagnosed with leukemia. Daddy researched for me, advocated for me, and crushed up and gave me 1000s of pills these last few years. He drove me to spinal chemo surgeries, held me through the scary times, and always had my favorite foods waiting for me when I woke up. When cancer made it hard for me to sleep Daddy read to me (sometimes for hours). Since Mommy works too, Daddy helped a lot. He cooked and cleaned, and always did whatever it took to see me smile. He did all of this while working full time and often much more. Daddy worked hard to research and feed me the healthiest foods and take me hiking and to my favorite places. The last 2 months I have been in and out of the hospital a lot. Daddy nearly lost me, but he never gave up on me, and he never stopped cheering for me. Daddy's love is my everything.