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Birthday Party Behavior

Apr 26, 2015 02:45PM ● By Hood Magazine
By Amber Bruns, MS, BCBA 


If you are anything like me, you spend a significant amount of time planning the perfect birthday party for your kids. You’ve got everything planned from the napkins, to the menu, to the cake, to the coordinating wrapping paper. In order to pull off the perfect birthday party for our kids, we sometimes need to do a little extra work with the birthday boy or girl.


1)    If you are longing for an award winning, cake smashing first birthday party, allow your little one a few warm-ups to get the hang of it. Present him/her with cupcakes a few days before the party. Have fun, laugh and show excitement over the cupcake exploration. Be sure to have your camera ready on the big day.

2)    Along the same lines, if your party is at a restaurant or establishment that you typically don’t attend on a regular basis, take the birthday boy or girl for a trial run. Sometimes the excitement of a new place, plus the excitement of a party with lots of people can be too much and could lead to poor behavior. A little quiet preview could make all the difference.

3)    Identify some simple, short and easy to remember rules for the birthday boy/girl to have at the party. Review them the days leading up to the party, review them on the day of the party and especially right before the party. The rules can be whatever is important to you and relevant to the age of the child. An example could include, “no screaming and no running in the house.” Rules could also be used once your child starts attending parties of friends without you.