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Budget Friendly Tips for Your Birthday Celebrations

Apr 25, 2015 12:50PM ● By Hood Magazine

Photo courtesy of Piece of Cake Parties by Paige

By Shaina Herrmann, Shaina’s Deals

All it takes is a few gathered friends, a cake (or any special treat), and some candles and you’ve got yourself a fun birthday party. We have all seen the elaborately designed parties on Pinterest and in magazines; these are great for inspiration, but not so great for your budget! Unfortunately, we don’t all have hundreds of dollars to shell out for each birthday party. Thankfully, there are many ways you can create an exciting and memorable party without breaking the bank!

Planning ahead ­– If it’s not in your budget to offer a meal, plan your party for 2 or 3 p.m., saying on the invitations that there will be desserts only or snacks provided. Send out email or Facebook invitations rather than mailing paper invitations.

Reuse/repurpose supplies ­– When you purchase party items, purchase items that can be used time and time again. Use solid colored reusable tablecloths, party plates, cups, even napkins. You can integrate a character or other theme in other ways.

Creative labeling – Birthday parties don’t need to have elaborate snacks and decorations to be fun and memorable. For example, a ‘Frozen’ themed birthday party could include a bowl of pretzels with a sign that simply states “Sven’s Antlers”. Carrots can be “Olaf Noses”. It’s simple, creative and costs almost nothing.

Make your own veggie platters – Invest in a couple of nice serving trays to display your fruits and vegetables. As tempting as it may be to purchase pre-cut, pre-washed veggies and fruits, taking the time to wash and cut your own in-season produce can save you a lot of money.

Make your own treats White or dark chocolate dipped treats are a delicious budget friendly option for party treats!  Bake your own cake, or even better, let your child bake and decorate his or her own cake or cupcakes. Just make sure all of their measurements are correct and assist with the oven. The end result will be something to remember - whether they turn out well or not!

DIY entertainment - For older kids ages 5 to about 10, it can be fun to hire entertainment such as a balloon artist or character for a party. However, if that’s not in your budget, there are other ways to entertain the kids. Games are an obvious free choice, but one of my favorite options is creating something together - decorating plain white t-shirts, making necklaces, or any theme related craft. This also gives you something the child can take home as the party favor!