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Planning My Son’s Dream Birthday

Apr 25, 2015 02:30PM ● By Hood Magazine

Photos courtesy of CMD Photography

By Courtney Davidson, Sioux Falls 


I chose this theme because Colt just loves tractors! He has tons of construction trucks, diggers, you name it, and he has it! We went through a phase when he was 2 ½ years old when he wouldn’t wear anything but tractor shirts.

I started by taking inventory of what tractors he had and found ways to implement them as decorations. I looked for ideas on Pinterest and incorporated some of my own. One night, putting him to bed, I was looking at cake ideas and he saw a cake on my phone that had diggers digging in the cake and he freaked out! I knew we needed to do something along those lines.

Instead of making the cake myself, I enlisted the expertise of a local cake baker. She did a great job of making the cake come to life. Colt had no idea until he walked into the party and immediately went to the cake, started digging and moving his trucks around. It was perfect. I knew at that moment all the hard work to decorate was SO worth it.

The best part, I only had to buy one truck because we already had the rest. His favorite color is also orange, so I was easily able to incorporate that into the theme as well!

It was a great day celebrating with our friends and family. A great birthday we will always remember!