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Inspiring Leaders of Tomorrow with the Launch of Sylvan EDGE

Apr 24, 2015 02:42PM ● By Hood Magazine
By Julia Fitzgerald, Sylvan Learning CEO 


Sylvan’s new EDGE programs provide kids with hands-on, experiential classes like robotics, computer coding, game design, and engineering. The EDGE programs are designed to challenge students and inspire them to master critical skills for the future. Best of all, they’re fun!

We have joined forces with renowned STEM advocate, Bill Nye, to get more kids across North America engaged with science, tech, engineering, and math courses at an early age. Why? Sylvan recognizes that future career growth is in the STEM-related sectors of the economy. So it is important for our children to be immersed in these topics as early in their education as possible. Waiting until high school to start is too late and can have a serious impact on their interests, choices, and future success.


American children are already behind their peers around the world in STEM proficiency, meaning they may not be as prepared for the future job market. In fact, the World Economic Forum ranks the United States 52nd in the quality of mathematics and science education. We have all heard some of the recent disturbing statistics – only 30% of 12th graders are prepared to enter college level STEM courses. Women hold less than 25% of jobs in the STEM fields and roughly the same percentage (25%) of girls are planning STEM majors. Heads up, parents – we have to do better by our kids.


We need a full court press to catch up. That’s why Sylvan has partnered with LEGO Education for great Robotics programs for kids in 1st – 6th grade. And we have teamed up with Tynker for engaging coding classes for elementary aged kids to build apps and video games. We have even developed a Math Edge program to foster kids’ skills and – wait for it – enjoy math.


I want to encourage parents to help their children “Find Their Edge” by offering more than 6,000 free hands-on experiences like robotics and coding to reach more than 60,000 kids.


Visit to sign up for a free EDGE class for your child’s scout group, sports team or a group of friends. Or go to your local Sioux Falls Sylvan Center on Saturday, May 2nd 2p.m. – 5p.m. to the “Find you Edge” Event and discover what all of the buzz is about.  The kids will think EDGE classes are fun. You will see that they are clearly educational and empowering. Let’s just agree not to tell them that, and we can watch as they learn the skills that will shape the future.