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Giant Ruler Growth Chart

Mar 26, 2015 10:08PM ● By Hood Magazine
By Kara Weber, Creative/Events Director

What better way to measure your growing family than by making this giant wall ruler. Unlike tracking your child’s height on a doorframe, this one you can take with you if you happen to move. It will tell you instantly to the closest inch, your child’s current height without having to get out the measuring tape and it can be stained to match any décor.



  • 1” by 8” by 6’ board
  • Stain of choice
  • Black paint pen, or black craft paint



1.  Stain your board in whatever color you wish to match your décor.

2.  Mark your board, using a pencil first, with one short line per inch and a longer line at each foot measurement. Be sure to start your first “foot” marking six inches from the bottom. This will allow you to hang your ruler at six inches above the ground. Hanging it at six inches will avoid the ruler running into the baseboards of your home. Your ruler will also measure to 6’6” this way.

3. To make your numbers, choose a font on your computer you enjoy, and choose a size you like. Print out your numbers and put them at your longer line foot markings on the board. We used the plastic end of a mechanical pencil, minus the led, to trace our numbers making an indentation into the wood. This left an outline for our number in the exact font we chose.

4. Use a paint pen, or craft paint to paint your numbers in and darken the pencil line marks to create the final ruler.