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Outstanding Nominees

Jan 28, 2015 07:03AM ● By Hood Magazine


Mrs. Boyle, 1st Grade, Harvey Dunn Elementary

“She makes sure school is always fun, not boring. I love Mrs. Boyle because she is super kind. She helps us all be friends so I know that she is the best teacher.” Nominated by Addi D.


Mrs. Hindbjorgen, 3rd Grade, Garfield Challenge Center

“She always knows what to do if there is a problem. She calms us down when we are stressed.”

“She helps me feel better about my work and makes learning fun!”

“She is patient and fun.”

“She is nice, fun, encouraging and kind.”

Nominated by Elsa F., Maddy J., Brea W. and Claire D.


Miss Kautz, 2nd Grade, Fred Assam Elementary, Brandon

“She wants her students to treat each other and care about one another as if they are a family.”

Nominated by Lillian P.


Mrs. Lundquist, 5th Grade, All City Elementary

“She has the amazing ability to make every single child in her classroom feel special and loved. She is invested in each child intellectually and emotionally.”

Nominated by Lauren M.


Mrs. Miller, 2nd Grade, Explorer Elementary

“She brings fun, unique ways of learning in her classroom and the kids love her.”

“She is funny and takes care of me when I am having a bad day at school.”

Nominated by Avarie C.


Ms. Neugebauer, 2nd Grade, Garretson School District

“She has a theme that is different from the last that she bases all her teaching around for that year. She even decorates her classroom to go along with the theme.”

Nominated by Ethan H.


Mr. Bolstad, 5th Grade, Camelot Intermediate, Brookings, SD

“He is really funny and helps us learn in a way that is fun.” He has Bolstad bucks we can earn and some of the things we can buy are lunch party, sitting in his chair for the day, movie day, extra recess, or pencils.”

Nominated by Ayisha A.


Mr. Flint, 5th Grade, West Central Humboldt Elementary

“He makes everything fun and he makes books more fun because he has a lot of funny voices.”

Nominated by Elizabeth G.


Mrs. Hansen, 2nd Grade, Rosa Parks Elementary

“I think my teacher is the best because she got to move to second grade with me. My teacher is also great because for pajama week, if we did a good job on math, we wouldn’t get any math on pajama day.”


Mrs. Hanson, 5th Grade West Central Humboldt Elementary

“She gives us just the right amount of homework and she gives the right amount of time to do it.”

Nominated by Grace D.


Mrs. Hollaren, 5th Grade, Holy Spirit

“She cares about what we do wrong and changes it so we can do good.”

Nominated by Ndj A.


Mr. Hunt, 4th Grade Good Shepard Lutheran School

“He is really funny, fun and sometimes serious. He even let me call him Mr. Cheese!”

Nominated by Sidney J.


Mrs. Jones, 6th Grade, Harrisburg Middle School North

“She’s an incredibly patient and compassionate teacher. She provides a safe zone for kids with special needs.”

Nominated by Saber D.


Mrs. Kirton, 5th Grade, Harrisburg Journey Elementary

“She makes learning fun! The first school day of every month she wears a crazy wig. The first month we thought there was a substitute teacher in our room.”

Nominated by Samantha D.


Mrs. Knutson, 4th Grade, Harvey Dunn

“My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Knutson rocks because she cares about her students. She shows us she cares by helping us learn and grow.”

Nominated by Mickila D.


Mrs. Konsor, 1st Grade, Dell Rapids Elementary School

“My teacher is nice and always makes me feel like a rainbow, because she is always nice and makes sure that I know what I am doing and tells me good things when I am doing something right.”

Nominated by Hunter H.


Mrs. Kraayenbrink, Kindergarten, Freedom Elementary

“Her creativity and compassion seem endless. We’re constantly impressed with her drive to make each of the tiny people who enter her classroom every morning feel special.”

Nominated by Kennedy B.


Mrs. Lambert, Kindergarten, Baltic Elementary

“She makes all of our learning so much fun. I enjoy going to school every day to see what new things I can learn.”

Nominated by Serena T.


Mr. Larson, 4th Grade, Journey Elementary

“Mr. Larson lets us have fun, but at the same time helps us learn. He is the best teacher I have ever had.”

“He makes learning fun and easy and if we don’t understand something, he explains it clearly and he is a nice, kind and fun person.”

Nominated by Gavin S. and Jada Z.


Mrs. Liester, Kindergarten, Garretson School District

“Her creativity with fun projects keeps the learning going at home.”

Nominated by Addysen H.


Mrs. Livingston, 2nd Grade, Fred Assam Elementary School

“My teacher is the best because she makes each day exciting and fun to learn!”

Nominated by Noah B.


Mrs. Peterson, 2nd Grade 2/3 TR Endeavor Elementary

“She always welcomes me with a big smile and sometimes a hug. She’s always there when I am sad.”

Nominated by Lincoln A.


Mrs. Pike, Kindergarten, All City Elementary

“Mrs. Pike takes everything and brings it together in a way that collaboratively uses each and every person in the best way possible and that lifts the entire classroom up.”

Nominated by Ava T.


Miss Prasnicki, Kindergarten, Tea Elementary School

“She has a creative and unique teaching style, as well as a very inviting classroom.”

Nominated by Landry C.


Mr. Rank, 5th Grade, Hayward Elementary

“He goes above and beyond to help the kids at Hayward Elementary. He also goes over to George McGovern Middle School to help out with their football team.”

Nominated by Tyler H.


Mrs. Richardson, 3rd Grade, Lawrence Elementary, Canton, SD

“She loves working with kids and never has one day without a smile.”

Nominated by Emerson T.


Mrs. Rislov, 3rd Grade, Camelot Intermediate, Brookings, SD

“Her room is colorful and she is so funny. I like it when she reads to us.”

Nominated by Rowan A.


Mrs. Ruda, Kindergarten, West Central

“She treats all the children like her own and takes time to know all the kids’ family also.”

Nominated by Andrew H.


Mr. Smidt, 3rd Grade Journey Elementary

“He has an awesome way of teaching that makes everything easier.”

Nominated by Ella S.


Miss Smith, Kindergarten, Laura Wilder

“She has helped my daughter who has sensory processing disorder. She’s very understanding and patient with her since the beginning of the year.”

Nominated by Emma D.


Mrs. Toft, 2nd Grade, Lawrence Elementary, Canton

“Mrs. Toft understands kids need to feel comfortable at school.”

Nominated by Alaina T.


Mrs. Wright, 4th Grade Tiger Trek Endeavor Elementary

“She is an outstanding teacher and she is very kind. At the end of the year she gives everyone an award for what has made them special throughout the school year.”

Nominated by Gabrielle A.