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Routine Maintenance: The Garry Family

11/30/2014 03:19PM ● By Hood Magazine
By Alex Strauss  


Two 8 to 5 Schedules – Justin and Maggie Garry, Sophie (11 months) 

The Garry’s both work 8 to 5 schedules. Justin is the clinic manager of Avera Medical Group Neurosurgery and Maggie is the Human Resources Generalist for Minnehaha County. They say flexibility and compromise are the keys to survival with such rigid schedules.


What advice do you have for other parents who are working 8 to 5 schedules?

Justin: Make sacrifices when needed and compromise always. No one wins if both parents don’t feel like equal partners! Also, take time for yourself and make sure your spouse gets some, too!

Maggie: Stay as organized as you can with the house and with calendars.  It can save you from headaches later. Be flexible.


What schedule do you follow and how did you come up with it?  

Justin: Maggie goes to the gym before work so I take care of anything Sophie needs from the time she goes to bed to the time she wakes up and then we both do our best to tag team getting everyone ready for the workday. I take her to daycare most mornings. Maggie picks Sophie up and feeds her and plays with her until I get home from work and the gym around 6-6:30pm and then one of us usually makes supper. Whoever makes supper usually plays with Sophie after that while the other cleans up and then we both spend time with her until she does to bed.

Maggie:  We came up with our schedule shortly after I was done with my maternity leave.  We were both used to going to the gym after work but I knew that wouldn’t work with an infant at home. We compromised and I decided to get up early get up with Sophie at night. 


How do you find time to spend with your spouse and do you make that a part of your schedule?

Justin: In our routine, we usually know that we’ll have some time together after Sophie goes to bed during the weekdays. On weekends, we usually find a way to take some time for ourselves (go to the gym, Farmer’s Market, etc) to recharge and then try to do something as a family, as well.

Maggie: Justin and I spend time together on the weekends and in the evenings after Sophie goes to bed.  Both of our parents love to babysit for Sophie so we are able to spend an evening out by ourselves every so often.  Sophie is nearing a year old so I think we may feel more comfortable leaving her with babysitters outside of grandma and grandpa in the near future!