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Routine Maintenance: The Anderson Family

Nov 25, 2014 07:29PM ● By Hood Magazine
By Alex Strauss  


Parents Who Work From Home - Jessica and Lando Anderson, Diem (6), Isla (4 ½) and Milo (9 months)

The Andersons both work out of their home. Jessica is juggling time as a stay-at-home mom, a career with Usborne Books & More, and a part-time job as the Family Ministry Director at Messiah New Hope Lutheran Church. Lando is in his seminary internship at First Lutheran & St. Jacobs in Colton. The idea of “presence” is a critical part of their parenting style.


What advice do you have for other parents who work at home?

Lando: You need to communicate well and often with your spouse. With your kids, you need to find ways to be fully present with them in the midst of the chaos. 


Figure out what your priorities are and schedule them first.  I block out times where I know I am just going to “be present” with my kids and not try to multitask work and/or household chores.  Also, cut way back. You may have to cut out some good things, but there will be another season of life when you may be able to add those things back in.  Finally, schedule blocks of free time.  This allows you to say yes to things at the last minute, breathe, and catch up on whatever is needed.


What schedule do you follow and how did you come up with it? 

Lando: Our schedule varies day-to-day and week-to-week. I don’t know how we would ever get along without an electronic calendar.  We are constantly updating the calendar and texting throughout the day to iron out our schedule for the days to come.

Jessica: I create a weekly block schedule about every 3 months. This allows me to know what blocks of time I can schedule meetings and appointments to get work done and also lets me see when I can play games, set up play dates, and count on that Friday night family movie night at home!


How do you find time to spend with your spouse and do you make that a part of your schedule?

Lando:  We essentially need to schedule time together just as we do anything else, or something else is bound to come along and take its place.

Jessica: Setting aside at least one night a week where we both give up our to-do list after the kids go to bed has been the most effective.  It can also be the little moments during the day where we sit a little longer at the dinner table or take a walk with all the kids in a wagon so they don’t escape!


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