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Gifts for Mommy-to-Be

Nov 25, 2014 ● By Hood Magazine

Photo courtesy of Eddy Joy Baby Boutique

By Lindsey Bendix, Manager, Eddy Joy  


When she finds out she is going to be a new mom, it can be very exciting and maybe even a little scary or overwhelming. You want to get her a gift to celebrate this blessing, but what should you get her? Here are a few ideas:

Morning Sickness Relief

Getting her something practical may not be the most exciting gift in the world, but she will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness towards her needs. When the nausea sets in during her first trimester, give her the gift of relief with some Morning Wellness Tea, Happy Mama Spray, or Preggie Pop Drops. The ginger-minty tea is not only tasty, but will also ease her sickness as she sips. The Preggie Pop Drops are great for on the go – whenever she starts to feel sick, she can just pop one in her mouth for some tasty queasiness relief. The Happy Mama Spray is a naturally uplifting aromatherapy mist. She can spray it on her body or in the room for a scent that will ease her upset tummy.

Belly Stickers

You may have seen the monthly stickers that go on a baby’s onesie to take pictures in and track their growth. Well there are also cute stickers available for pregnant bellies! She will be able to track her and her baby’s growth and get excited, feeling proud about her growing belly!

Memory Book

Memory books are not only for tracking the baby’s growth and milestones after they arrive. They also have sections that the expecting mom can fill out while she is pregnant, such as pages about Mommy and Daddy, a family tree, preparing for the baby, and more. She will like getting started on this early, tracking thoughts and feelings during the pregnancy, and let’s face it, once the baby arrives, she might not have much time to go back and fill it in.


With her body changing, lotions are a practical and thoughtful gift that will help her to feel good as her belly starts to expand. Stretch mark prevention cream or all-over moisturizing body creams are good gifts for a mommy as her skin begins to stretch. A skincare gift set will give her everything she needs and make her feel special!

Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are getting more and more stylish and are not only a necessity for baby diapers and bottles, but can also be a cute accessory for mom. Surprise her with a bag early on so she can start stocking it and getting it ready for baby.