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Transitioning Your Baby to Daycare

11/25/2014 06:07PM ● By Hood Magazine
By Rebecca Wimmer, Center Director, Youth Enrichment Services  


*Introduction of the Bottle—breastfed babies should be introduced to the bottle before beginning childcare.  It takes a child some time to adjust to the difference in sucking between breast and bottle. 

*Exposure to Noise—there are many different noises a child will need to adjust to such as other babies, different voices, parents coming in and out, etc.  Babies that have been conditioned to only sleep or feed in quiet settings will have more difficulty adjusting.  Some ideas for noise exposure are having a radio on, feeding or sleeping when other people are present, etc.

*Help your child feel at home—having things from home in the childcare setting may also help a child feel more comfortable.  A blanket or burp rag that smells like mom or dad can often be very soothing to a child.   

*Communicate with your Provider—there are so many little things that can make a big difference in helping a child adjust.  Things like…do they like to be swaddled, how do they like to be held to feed, what makes them happy, what makes them sad, what soothes them best, how do they like to be put to sleep, do they like music, etc

*Don’t be afraid of the transition—every child will have an adjustment period—and that’s okay!  It may take some time for a child to adjust…they may cry more than normal…they may not eat like they usually do…their sleep pattern may change for a little bit.  The more prepared you are for this adjustment phase…the easier it will be!  Your child WILL adjust…and so will you!