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Little Gobblers

Nov 01, 2014 ● By Hood Magazine


  • Nutter Butter Cookies
  • M&M Minis
  • Betty Crocker White Cookie Icing (1 tube will make about 6)
  • Jelly Belly jelly beans: Red, Orange & Yellow
  • Candy Corn
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (full-sized)
  • Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers Cookies (or chocolate graham crackers)



Take the Nabisco Wafer, and “glue” it to the Reese’s Cup using the cookie icing. Make sure you line them up edge to edge as shown in the photo above. This will be the back of your Little Gobbler. Apply some icing (aka “glue”) along the top of the Reese’s Cup. Then attach six candy corn pieces for the feathers. Use some more “glue” and attach the base of the Nutter Butter to the Reese’s Cup. Now it’ s time for the face! Apply icing to the front top half of the Nutter Butter in a “puffy T” shape as shown in the photo. Then, attach two brown M&M Minis for the eyes. Make sure the “M&M” is turned toward the back and they are close together. Then attach the yellow Jelly Belly directly under the eyes for the beak. Directly under the beak, attach the red Jelly Belly for the gobbler. Apply a generous strip of icing down the middle of the second Nabisco Wafer. Now, set the bottom of the turkey on top of the icing and hold for a few seconds to allow the icing to firm up. This will serve as the base for your Little Gobbler. Don’t forget the feet! Attach the two orange Jelly Belly jelly beans on the iced area at the bottom. Allow the Little Gobblers to hang out for a bit so the icing will harden.