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Is Your Family Too Busy?

Oct 27, 2014 03:19PM ● By Hood Magazine

By Jada England, Youth Enrichment Services  


As your family heads into this holiday season, you wonder: can we really do it? Wake the children at dawn, dash from business meetings to football practice, apply mascara at stoplights, help with homework, prepare a health meal, rush everyone off to bed, and then wake up to the rush of the weekend of soccer practices and birthday parties?

Of course, there are monetary costs to all of the activities that families become involved in, but there are also emotional costs when the family schedule becomes so crowded that squeezing in family time no longer becomes a priority.

Is there a solution that may fix the family’s frenzy? Spending time together as a family can be as simple as playing a board game together or taking a quick walk after dinner. Make meal time a priority and sit down to the family table at least a few times per week. Meal time can be a great experience and allows the family to engage in conversations together. As a family, you may need to limit the number of activities to which you are committed.

Another tip is to choose an afterschool care program that will help your child with homework, offer special activities, and instill strong character building techniques into their every day routine. Having a strong afterschool routine will allow your family to spend more time together after working hours and put the focus back on the family.


Get out of the frenzy and back to the family!