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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Mind

Oct 27, 2014 03:27PM ● By Hood Magazine
By Rebecca Wiener, CCH Consulting Hypnotist and Life Strategist  


Have you ever felt like your mind is filled with clutter? Do you have constantly running to-do lists or thoughts of how other people feel or what they think, how much time you don’t have, or how yucky you feel when you start spinning all of this junk in your mind? Here are three ways to help your mind get clean and strong.

Say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no. I wish someone had taught me this (among other things) in the third grade. Before you say yes or no to something, think about it. Ask yourself some simple questions.

1.  Is this good or healthy for me?

2.  What will I have to not do in order to do this?

3.  Will this mess with any of the goals I have this week?

4.  Why do I want to do this?

5.  Is it worth it to me?

When you say yes to something, stick to it. Arrange your time so that you can accomplish what you need and feel good. This means give yourself some extra time. It’s not worth saying yes to something if you’re mad at yourself about it later. And when you say no, know that it is okay. You can’t do everything. That doesn't diminish your value. It’s simply not feasible to be everything to everyone and still feel good about you.

Take time for you. I know that we talk about this a lot. I also know we don’t do it as often as we need or we wouldn't still be talking about it. Put yourself on your calendar. I mean really put yourself on your calendar. Keep your appointment with yourself. Keep time for exercise, being still, reading, drawing, painting…things that just belong to you. You deserve that time. Your mind deserves that time to work through things or to just be – and so does your spirit. They work hard for you, too. Give them a break.

Last, but not least, keep your mind on the good stuff. If you are struggling with a high-stress day, give yourself a break to start thinking about happy memories, times when you succeeded, and times when you overcame difficulty. Your confidence gets a nice boost as you remind yourself of the times when you made the right decision, were kind to someone, received kindness in return, successfully navigated a difficult situation, even that time you found the hotel while on vacation after thinking you were lost. Your mind gets a great boost from these thoughts and gets your body comfortable with feeling good. It will crave more of the good stuff, and you’ll start to attract it with small steps.

Whatever steps you choose to strengthen yourself, remember that perfection is a word that doesn't really mean anything to anyone but Merriam-Webster. Practice makes better. Strive to be better than you were yesterday. 

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